Hydropower has been one of the sources of energy harnessed for centuries in different parts of the world. Around the beginning of 20th Century more efficient hydro power plants developed in different parts of the globe were used for small hydropower generation. Recently, interest in the mini and small hydropower has increased in many countries, especially in developing countries including China and India. more..

The Company

Sri Sai Krishna Hydro Energies Private Limited (SSK) is a company incorporated on 22nd Day of October, 2003 under Companies Act, 1956 and is having its Registered Office at Plot No. 226, Road No. 78, Phase – III, Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad – 500 033, Andhra Pradesh, India.
The Main Object of the Company is "To generate, accumulate, transmit, distribute, purchase, sell and supply electricity power or any other energy from conventional/non-conventional energy sources on a commercial basis and to construction, lay down, establish, operate and maintain power/energy generating stations including buildings, structure works, machineries, equipments, cables and to undertake or to carry on the business of managing, owning controlling, erecting, commissioning, operating, running, leasing or transferring, to third person/s, power plants and plants based on conventional or non-conventional energy sources, solar energy plants, wind energy plants, mechanical, electrical, Hydel, civil engineering works and similar projects ". more..